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Jon Garcia, both host of The Tonncast and artist behind the show's logo, sits down with very special guest Todd Robert Anderson to talk about being fans of fan art, realizing when you have become the cranky old man, and getting death threats for calling Robert E. Lee a traitor and a loser. We don't actually sit together, mind you. Just to be clear, we are not actually sitting together. One is in Austin, and the other in Ventura County. We're both sitting, and talking, but it's not actually together. Calm down. (Music by the actually together Adam Blau, and we already told you the logo was made by Jon Garcia. Stop asking, dammit.)

Australian comedian Michael Sykes hosts The Tonncast, welcoming very special guest Todd Robert Anderson to a conversation about the COVID experience in two separate countries, hassling with depression while on lockdown, and how to befriend neighborhood kitties when out for your afternoon constitutional. (Music by Adam Blau, who loves cats. Logo by Jon Garcia who has not yet publicly released his opinion about felines.)

Host Crix Lee chats with very special guest Todd Robert Anderson about hassling with heat waves in Southern California, the Asian experience in Hollywood, and cats versus dogs in regard to barfing. (Music by Adam Blau and logo design by Jon Garcia, both who insist on picking up their own vomit, which is the classy thing to do.)

Tonncast host and star of the upcoming The Walking Dead: World Beyond (October 4th on AMC) sits down with very special guest Todd Robert Anderson to discuss where their acting careers have crossed paths, growing up in the military, equity in casting, and the VP nomination. What more could you possibly want, you spoiled brats? (Music by unspoiled Adam Blau. And now with an all-new logo by Jon Garcia!)

Veteran stage manager and Tonncast host Corey Womack sits down with very special guest to discuss the future of theater, the difficulties of working retail and waiting tables during a pandemic, and dicey celebrity encounters. (Music by not at all dicey Adam Blau.)

Tonncast boss Tyra Penn sits down with her old high school musical chum, very special guest Todd Robert Anderson. They talk interviews with jazz musicians, racism in Massachusetts, and what it is like being a terrible actor. (Music by Adam Blau, who knows what it is like being a genius composer.)

Coming to you from an undisclosed location, possibly underwater: Steve Ochs, author of MIDMEN, screenwriter of Le Petomane: Parti avec le vent (both available on Amazon) and Tonncast host sits down with very special guest Todd Robert Anderson to discuss his upcoming horror novel The Headache Man, Buddhism, and having friends who are great artists. (Music by great artist Adam Blau.)

Tom McManus once again hosts the Tonncast triumphantly, this time with very special guest Todd Robert Anderson, a rando he grew up with. They talk Catholicism, not doing Catholicism, and myriad ways to get through the doldrums of sitting through mass. (Music by Adam Blau, who is nothing but respectful when in church.)

Jeff Davis, cosplay expert and Tonncast host, sits down with his old high school buddy, and very special guest, Todd Robert Anderson, to discuss their feelings about Bye, Bye Birdie, Joker, and They also talk about Ashland, MA. And Dover. (Music by Adam Blau, who probably does not know much about those places.)

The Tonncast is back with everyone's favorite Sully, Paul Francis Sullivan! This time his very special guest is Todd Robert Anderson. They talk the creative process, nostalgia for New York, and PornHub. Sully swears that Anderson is easily one of the top ten people he talks to on this episode! Huzzah! (Music by top five Adam Blau.)

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